We are Luigi and Emanuele, two brothers linked and always motivated by the dream of finding our VISION.

We introduce ourselves better.

I am Luigi a digital coach. I help young digital entrepreneurs build their brand on Amazon. I like the idea of helping people set them free with the digital world. When I was only 19, I went to live in Ibiza for 5 years.

I love living different experiences and travel is bread for my teeth.

I am Emanuele, and it can be said that my whole life is traveling. Unlike my brother, I take many people with me every time I leave.In fact, I have been driving trains for the Italian company Ferrovie dello Stato since February 27, 2017, when I was only 19 years old. I've always been a determined guy, I don't do a thousand things, but when I choose and find a strong motivation inside of me, I give my all for it. Now my focus is on creating our digital company.

Two events have marked our life, without our being absolutely prepared for it. The first, which directly involved and upset the whole family, was the death of our father. It was November 25, 2019. In a profoundly sad and terrible moment of our life, we returned to live, after so many years, together under the same roof.

The second event, which affected not only us but the whole of society, was the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As brothers we could only unite in pain and at the same time find strength together. So the desire not to give up, which has always characterized us, pushed us to do something new.

Finding ourselves in the same house, after so many years apart, the desire to do something together was born in us, and in April 2020, the occasion of the first lockdown, made us understand that, if we wanted to break through, ours had to be a digital project.

Closed at home for months, like all of Italy, we started studying up to 15 hours a day, to acquire all the necessary skills on online sales.

Our first sales attempt was on a make-up product, with a result of 1300 in just three days. Undoubtedly a great satisfaction, but it was not yet what we wanted, we were not interested only in the economic purpose, but in spreading our experience, our vision. 

We wanted, and we want, to allow you to have an experience. Take you in our experience!

We looked for something simple to start from, an object capable of representing our state of mind, but with the power to create a connection with others as well.

Thus was born our vision: Zen Diffusion, the first diffuser in the world that combines each essential oil with a path of personal growth. 

Zen Diffusion is a product with a unique style and its natural essences allow you to create a five-senses experience to discover Zen traditions.